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AQSim: Simulation solutions to water-based process applications

Our mission is to help our clients understand and solve water-based process chemistry applications. To accomplish this, we provide aqueous-based simulation software, engineering chemistry services using process simulation, and training.

Using OLI Electrolytes

AQSim is OLI's principal Agent in North America and the EU. AQSim also serves as OLI's Director of Sales in all regions of the world except Asia, which is covered by SimTech.


Our Goal

AQSim's goal is to ensure that clients understand the "how's" and "why's" of their electrolytes based process problems.  We explain why equipment is corroding, why pH is low, or why the acid-gas stripper is fouling.  

Empowered with this knowledge, clients make command decisions that improve their operations. With time, you will view AQSim and OLI Software the same way our clients do, as an extension of your technology department...your water chemistry Experts. 

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