Starting Your Transport Business

Medical Traensportation ServicThere are many individuals who aren’t physically able to ride public transportation. These are simple people who need rides to doctors appointments and run errands, even patients who need long distance medical transportation servicesThere are those who need adult-day care services. How can these people get the help they need? This is where non-medical transportation and a long distance ambulance comes in.

Ambulances are a much needed resource in any community. They provide a great way to transport individuals that need medical attention right away to the hospital. They do this quickly and efficiently. They are able to do medical procedures right in the ambulance that can save many people’s lives. 

Is there a team in your neighborhood which takes care of these needs? If not, why not start one up. Some of you might be wondering how to go about doing this? Below are some easy steps to help you out.


Just because you what to start one up, doesn’t mean there’s a need. Do some research. Call some of the local offices and hospitals. Find out what the patient situation is like. Ask whether there is already a tax service which helps out. It’s better to find it now, instead of investing all that time and effort into it.

Talk to your community. Ask what sort of services the elderly have. Find out what is already in place. There is an old saying, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Bottom line, find out if there is something to fix first.


You will need a vehicle. If money is no object, than buy a brand new van with a lift in the back. If money is a problem, buy something that is used. Either way, have a lift installed in the back. Most vehicles won’t come like this.

If you have the extras installed, you can make more money. How? You can pick up more then one person at a time. You can kill two birds with one stone. The more people you can fit inside the van, the more money you will get in your pocket.


Medical Transportation Service

You will need to file for the LLC status. This will keep business and personal separate. This is a good thing. What if, heaven forbid, there is a lawsuit aimed at you? You will need to protect your home and other belongings. It does happen from time to time.

Just because you are doing a service, doesn’t mean you won’t come across some bad apples. People have their own agenda anymore. Elderly people have an agenda too. Don’t think they don’t. What you feel is a good or service, someone might use a way to get some money.

This filing will protect you. If a lawsuit does happen, the only target will be your business.


You will need to get the right license. Each state has their rules. Check into the rules in your state. Chances are you won’t be able to get by with a common commercial driver’s license.


Remember how I mentioned filing with the LLC? This is not the only protection you will need. You will need to get insurance too. More specifically, you will need to get liability coverage. You might view a certain situation as a simple mistake. The person involved might not. What can I say, people are weird. Some people do weird and crazy things. This happens especially if money is involved. You have to protect yourself.

How much insurance do you need? This is dependent on the situation. If you can afford to pad your insurance, do so. It’s better to be safe, rather then sorry.


Figure out a budget and keep with it. Look at how much money it’s going to take to start everything up. Look into how many miles you will travel. Are you going to be traveling over a 100 miles every day? Are you going to be making runs a few times a week? Factor all of this in. Than set your rates. Will you need to adjust things later? Depending on the situation, you may. For the most part, your rates won’t change. You also have to make sure your rates are reasonable for the people you help. Don’t just set a rate, expecting miracles. There is such a thing as a rate being unreasonable.

Remember, you are providing a service to the community. Make it worthwhile for them to come to you.

Starting Your Transportation Service


Some of your clients will have Medicaid payments to make. Sign up to include these payments. Each state will vary, so check with your local offices. Remember, you are just setting up to accept the payments, nothing more.



The last thing you will need is to get the word out. Take out some ads. Contact your local nursing homes and hospitals. Let them know what you offer. They might have some people that can benefit right away. Tell your friends and family. You will also need to send out a press release. Make it good and clean. This press release should let people know why you are best person for the job.

When you get the word out, you have to sell yourself. You might just be offering medical transportation services, but people need to have faith in you. They also need to have faith in what you do. This will come in time. Just be patient. Don’t concentrate on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have. Even if you have just one person, this is still better then nothing. Focus on your current situation, the rest will fall into place.