When you are looking to start your own company, there are a few things you will have to think about. It’s not as simple as starting one up and letting it go. Below are some questions you might need to ask yourself.


You are going to be under the jurisdiction of the government. You are not considered to be a local cabby. You will need to take those tests. It’s your responsibility to keep your clients safe and sound, at all times.

Drug and alcohol testing is mandatory. You are signing a contract, in a sense. Your business is going to be like any other job. Expect this to happen. If you are someone who gets into drugs and alcohol, even on a social and occasional basis, you need to reassess some things.

I’m not saying you have to quit, but you will need to think about your habits.


Here is the bottom line, there is a lot of competition for this stuff. This happens a lot with non-profit organizations. Yes, you are considered to be non-profit. This might be your own business, but you are performing a public service for your community. This falls under non-profit.

The government funding is possible, but extremely limited. You will need to provide a detailed outline of your business. You will also need to provide a breakdown of all your financials, including expenses for vehicles. This is about selling yourself. There are tons of people competing for the same thing. Why should the government give you the money, over every one else? This is the time when details are your friend.

It’s like filling out the form for grad school. You need to be very specific. Tell them what you are looking to do. Tell them why you are doing this. What you are looking to achieve? These are all things you need to outline for them. You also need to address a business proposal for at least a few years. This will let them know you are not a fly-by-night gig.


Taxi cabs are for people who are more agile when they get around. It’s for people who are looking to be social. Older people require more assistance. Some have dementia. Taxi cab drivers aren’t equipped to deal with these types of things. This is where you come in.

You have to be up to handling these people. Older people require more patience. They require more understanding. They don’t see things the way younger people do. They don’t do things as readily as taxi cab riders do. Sometimes the patient needs to see a specialist that’s in another state, That’s when ACC Medlink comes into the picture. If the destination is over 200 miles, they have a luxurious shuttle buss that will you there.

You also need to put out more expenses in this kind of business. When you ride in a cab, you jus pay the fare and move on. Medical transportation requires different things for different people.


Your clients will range from drug abusers in treatment to chemo patients. There are also people who are elderly going to nursing homes. Every person’s situation needs to be taken into consideration. Before you offer your services, be sure you can handle it. Not one person will be the same. Some will be every easy. Those people will give you a good day. Some will be a lot harder to handle.

When it comes to your clients, each and every one of them will have a bad day. Some of them will have more then one bad day, Can you handle it? You can’t just bail out on the first sign of trouble. This will not read well for your business or to your clients. This is not about you, it’s about them.

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